SLa Project Profile

We’ve done it again – SLa proudly presents to you – Pallisandro!

Nestled in the beautiful leafy streets of New Farm, this dynamic home represents everything that makes this part of Brisbane so unique. Charismatic, Open and Intriguing – the building’s chiseled appearance offers visual cues to apertures and fenestrations which capture light, breezes and […]

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Brisbane News | The Terraced House

It’s that time of the week again! Check out the latest SL|a house to be photographed. The Terraced House is the newest addition to our website and was the most recent house to be published in Brisbane News. The Chelmer home is “bursting with light, colour and life” and is the perfect fit for […]

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SL|a Snapshots

Happy Friday folks! We all love Instagram here at SL|a, and we thought it might be fun to collage together some of Shaun’s snaps. There seems to be some recurring themes…pattern, repetition of ‘fine lines’, the play of light and shadow, and intricate detail to catch and delight the eye. He fancies himself a […]

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u r b i s + b e e s t o n


Happy Friday!! We hope you are all looking forward to a relaxing rainy weekend!

This week we wanted to share some exciting news with you! SL|a has been published in the latest edition of Urbis Magazine! The article titled, “A House of Two Halves”, explores the relationship between the old and new and discusses volume, […]

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